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My name is Macaulay.
I am 18 and I live in Melbourne.
I am currently studying at university with majors in International Studies and Italian.
I love Eurovision and Europe and I hope to live there some day :)
Valentina Monetta is my one true love.

The worst thing about this week being the last one of semester is not all of the assessments that are due but rather that I will have to attend my German lecture tomorrow in order to get the questions that will be on the exam. 

With Junior Eurovision fast approaching, this is my ranking of this years entries.

  1. Slovenia
  2. Malta
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Russia
  5. Italy
  6. Cyprus
  7. Sweden
  8. Netherlands
  9. San Marino
  10. Armenia
  11. Serbia
  12. Belarus
  13. Croatia
  14. Georgia
  15. Ukraine
  16. Montenegro


Sex is a lot like Eurovision, you have fun, there’s lots of glitter, Jon Ola Sand is there

Enrolled into my subjects for first semester of uni next year! At the moment they are

  • Translating Across Cultures (Italian)
  • Eurovisions: Europe Since World War II
  • Global Cities: Past, Present, and Future
  • The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany

I also have my study plan completed to take into my faculty for approval for exchange in the second semester of next year. 

The most powerfully European number (via antistrexcorp)
Miley Cyrus was so good in concert.

Miley Cyrus was so good in concert.

So I had my meeting today with the exchange coordinator as long as my faculty approve my study plan, I will be in Brighton this time next year studying. 

I am conflicted whether or not I should defer my exchange for another semester now that I have been elected as president of my residential society for next year.


and there are still people out there who like denzel…

Slovenia has exceeded all of my expectations with this song. Sorry Cyprus, but you are no longer my favourite this year.